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Craft closet of DOOM - UNFUCKED!!!

It took two days - well, a day and a half, really - but the craft closet of DOOM is unfucked and usable.  Hooray! 

The craft closet to-be is in my front room, and it’s roughly 5 1/2 feet wide by 4 feet deep, with a 9 foot ceiling.


The first day I did three 20/10s, and one untimed session, because I kept getting interrupted and losing track of how much time I’d worked.  Bah, whatever.

Michael’s had a sale on their craft storage stuff last week, so I did some shopping then in anticipation of getting my craft closet cleaned and organized.  The blue boxes on the floor in the photo above are what I bought.

After, day 1!

I did have to make a run out to Michael’s and Walmart on day 2 for a few more pieces for organizing, and I’m sure I’ll need more still once I get the rest of my crafty boxes out of the attic, but for now I’m happy to be able to get inside and use it!

After, day 2!

I don’t think Dixie’s been able to get into that closet since we moved in, lol.  She was sniffing EVERYWHERE.

Please ignore the basket of papers in the lower right corner - that’s a project all on it’s own, and one for another day!

It’s still not 100% the way I want it set up, and, like I said, a lot of my craft stuff is still up in the attic from the move (just over a year ago), but I’m thrilled that I can get into the closet and work now.  I have vacation the week after next, so my sister and I are heading to The Container Store and IKEA to get a few more things.  The rest of vacation will be spent getting boxes out of the attic and going through them.

I’m so excited!!!!  :)

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