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I just realized that I never posted the rest of the before and afters for my front room.  So here we go.

This is before - the invisible corner!


And after!


I bought a remote caddy on clearance at work, and used that and the basket to catch all kinds of little things (earbuds, electronics cables, nail file, scissors, etc) that I use all the time.


Crocheting and crochet accessories are all tucked away where they should be, magazines have been taken to work and put in the breakroom, and general clutter has been banished! 

It’s been a week and it still looks like this!  I’ve been putting things away when I’m done instead of just ‘leaving it for later’, throwing things out right away instead of letting them pile up, and I just feel better in that room now.  More relaxed, more comfortable.  I didn’t realize just how much the mess was weighing on me until it was gone. 

Next up, the craft closet of DOOM.

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